Every year Taylormade Golf has a tradition and pays tribute to all major golf tournaments by releasing its own iconic identity to celebrate each of the major championships. In 2001, I was given the opportunity to shine and create one of these unique commemorative identities to represent the history of the game, pay tribute to past players, to the locations, and to the unforgettable memories that enthusiast and collectors cherish forever.
With the guidance of the creative director, the task was to design an identity mark that would be co-branded as part of Taylormade's product apparel for the tournament and special edition merchandise like golf bags, driver covers, hats and others. After following my extensive research I focused my story on legend Ken Venturi's dramatic 1964 Us Open victory, and everything that represented this memorable win.    
Creative Direction: Vince Jacobson
Visual Design: Francisco Hernandez
Developers: Cassie Carpenter, Jeff Zito
Product Manager: Pita Rivas

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